Using the services of an accountant zzp

I always calculate my hourly rate first and then factor in the amount of time it will take me to learn and complete the task at hand. If I spent a few hours each month on administration, I could use these hours to work and earn money simultaneously. A ZZP administration office has years of experience and can complete this work in less time while maintaining a higher level of quality. This results in a profit for me.

So that I can continue to do what I do the best while also earning more money!

ZZP Boekhouder


To keep a ZZP administration office open, Freek pays 105- Euros per month as a self-employed road worker. He receives questions from the ZZP administration office from time to time, and he can always come to them with any and all of his questions. This provides a sense of security.

The fact that the ZZP Administration Office handles all of the bookkeeping and administration means that Freek saves 4 hours per month that he would have spent on bookkeeping and looking up rules otherwise (remember that in the beginning, you still have to learn a lot, so the 4 hours can also be a lot more in the front).

Those four additional hours that Freek now has to spend with his family. This makes him feel good, and he goes about his business the rest of the time with a big smile on his face. Of course, Freek could simply work and earn 180- Euros a day laying down streets instead.

For Freek, one thing is crystal clear: he did not become a self-employed person out of the goodness of his heart. He wishes to concentrate on his core business and delegate to other specialists the tasks he is less adept at.

Everyone does what they do best, and the income is 180- euro, the price accountant, earns 105 euro: the extra profit from outsourcing is 75- euro per month, and everyone does what they do best.

Do it yourself, or hire Administratiekantoor ZZP to do it for you?

Everyone’s situation is unique, and one of the benefits of working as a self-employed individual is that you are in charge and can determine your own. For many, it is an effective way to determine whether the administration is interested in learning and whether there are other things they would prefer or perform better at. I hope this information will assist you in making the best decision for you as quickly as possible.

As mentioned above, outsourcing your bookkeeping to our ZZP administration office (FreshZZP) is an option. If you require assistance, you can always contact FreshZZP or schedule an appointment to discuss your situation. More information about FreshZZP’s ZZP packages can be found in this section.

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